Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Why does he have to be brave every time he leaves the house? Why can't he go to the library without having to worry about someone noticing his painted toes? Why can't he carry his Barbies through the store without being stared at? Why can't he ask for a doll, or a princess toy in his Happy Meal without having to defend his choice of toy? Why does he have to change out of his dress up clothes, necklaces and princess crowns because someone rings the doorbell? Why are people so mean, condescending, disdainful? He is not weird....he is not contagious...he is a little boy and he has feelings! He should not be afraid of what others will think, he should not have to be brave every time he leaves the house because his toe nails are painted!! He should be respected, accepted, carefree! Why do we live in a society where children are ridiculed simply for their choice of toy?

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