Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Are you happy?

"Mommy, are you happy that I am a Princess Boy?"  Oh, my sweet love, how those words just cut my heart in two!  I have done everything in my power to show you how much we love you and accept you for who you are meant to be.  How I have gone to the ends of the earth to educate ourselves and others about your gender creativity.  How every comment that I hear is deflected, defended, educated!  My sweet boy, all of that is so important, but the most important, I now see, is that you see that we are indeed happy!  Happy that you are unique, you are who God meant you to be, you are ours, you are independent, you just want to be yourself!  Yes, my amazing boy, I am happy that you are a Princess Boy, because you are YOU!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Guest Post...From My Big Boy

My name is A. I have a review blog, and my brother is Z.
My brother has been loving dolls and Barbies since he was two, when we went to Disney World and meet Ariel. I have not always been accepting of him. Ironicly enough, I played with Littlest Pet Shop. But, now 10 years old, I love him for who he is.
My brother plays with more 'boyish' toys. He loves LEGOs, Batman, and Beyblade.
Months ago, Z went to Target with us and bought a Disney Tangled Rapunzel Tower. At checkout, the man asked 'This for you, little dude?'. Z said 'Actually, it is.'. Now, normaly, Z would be embarrassed. None of that.
He also likes prinncess movies and super hero movies. He likes The Little Mermaid, Green Lantern, Harry Potter, Tangled and a lot more.
If Z likes Spider-Man, fine. If he likes Barbie, fine. I will always love him.