Sunday, September 11, 2011

Guest Post...From My Big Boy

My name is A. I have a review blog, and my brother is Z.
My brother has been loving dolls and Barbies since he was two, when we went to Disney World and meet Ariel. I have not always been accepting of him. Ironicly enough, I played with Littlest Pet Shop. But, now 10 years old, I love him for who he is.
My brother plays with more 'boyish' toys. He loves LEGOs, Batman, and Beyblade.
Months ago, Z went to Target with us and bought a Disney Tangled Rapunzel Tower. At checkout, the man asked 'This for you, little dude?'. Z said 'Actually, it is.'. Now, normaly, Z would be embarrassed. None of that.
He also likes prinncess movies and super hero movies. He likes The Little Mermaid, Green Lantern, Harry Potter, Tangled and a lot more.
If Z likes Spider-Man, fine. If he likes Barbie, fine. I will always love him.

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