Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Advice Needed...

Have you felt the need to tell your child's school/teacher about their gender creativity?

What did you tell them? How did you approach the subject? What were their reactions?

We are grappling with this issue as the coming school year is fast approaching....as Z has been seen by more and more kiddos sporting his toe nail polish out in the community we are concerned about the implications of that as these same children see him in school....most specifically bullying! We want to be proactive but are concerned about "outing" our child to grown ups that may not understand this journey! Z is very cautious with his gender creativity outside of our home, especially within the school environment. We want to make sure that whatever we decide it has a positive outcome.

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  1. We are meeting with the school district, because my son will be returning to school in the fall as a girl -- completely his choice. He was in K as a boy, and will be going into first. I'm working with TYFA to help facilitate conversations with the school district.