Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sustainable Friendships

We have never intentionally hidden Z's gender creativity from friends or potential friends. Most likely if someone new has come into our life they have seen him carrying around Barbies. Most haven't felt the need to broach the subject...although I know they must be scrambling within their brains to figure it all out! Most wait until we approach the subject, which puts us in such a vulnerable spot! What are they thinking? Do they really want to pursue a friendship? Are we just the crazy circus freaks that they can't stop staring at? Will they really be able to accept us? Will they say all the right things to our faces only to turn on us when our backs are turned? Will they allow their children to play with Z without hesitation? Will they judge our parenting? Will our friendship be sustainable?

How have your friendships held up? How do you approach new friendships?

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